CFO Services

“Your Challenges, Our Solutions”

Your business is growing and are beginning to feel that you are effectively “flying blind”. You do not possess any cashflow forecast, you do not know how each part of your business has performed against important KPIs. You don’t know all of the risks your business is facing.

You know it’s time for professional financial assistance but you either can’t afford a CFO or the requirement for this important assistance does not merit a full time position. Your business still needs to be supported by the services of a high calibre CFO who is familiar with your business and is aligned with their management team and the company’s goals. Let Malvern Hill provide a cost-effective yet comprehensive CFO solution for you.

CFO Service Arrangements:

  • Part-time CFO Services
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Special Projects

Part Time CFO Services
Malvern Hill will interface with your company’s senior executive(s), your existing internal and external accounts teams on a regular basis, make recommendations for improvement, advise on major business issues, and ensure financial results are compiled and analysed on a timely basis. We have an average of 25 years of financial experience analyzing performance, finding opportunities for improvement, leading change, and advising CEOs and Boards on critical company issues.

As a regular advisor to your team, Malvern Hill will deeply understand your business to provide valuable insight into your operations and results. This is all performed at a more economical cost than that of an expensive full-time CFO. Our services can be tailored to meet your needs to provide increased support during critical times such as during an acquisition transaction, important pricing negotiations or minimal support during slow times. We can become an effective member of your management team ensuring financial information is understood across the organisation. We often work with clients using our cloud based accounting systems to take their raw financial trial balance and transform these “numbers” into meaningful & insightful reports.

In delivering our CFO service we become an integral part of your team. Examples of how we achieve this include:
Financial reporting & management accounts analysis.
Preparation of bespoke tailored reports to board level and attending board meetings.
Managing relationships with stakeholders (banks, investors etc).
We can use an email address with your company’s domain name (client / customer facing CFO).
We can travel to negotiate contracts or important deals providing a financial & commercial aspect to the travelling delegation.
Compliance reviews – ensuring you are ticking all the boxes and staying on the right track.

Strategic Consulting
Your business has a good handle on its finances but you need structure and direction to focus your growth plan. Let Malvern Hill facilitate a strategic planning engagement to maximize your business plan. We have a formalized approach around Business planning & modelling where we can facilitate effective open communication that integrates the practices of large successful companies with the speed of an Internet “dot com” company and the simplicity required for success in smaller businesses.

Special Projects
Your business has immediate needs in a specific area where you need experienced professional financial assistance. Let Malvern Hill help you to solve these issues in such areas as:

  • Cash flow forecasting and improvement
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) and dashboard development
  • Mergers & acquisition
  • Exit planning
  • Fundraising (drafting of documentation and attendance at pitches)
  • Strategic opportunity analysis
  • Contract negotiation & Pricing – this can be with customers, suppliers, potential investors etc

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